Dr. Aria is frequently featured in the U.K.'s most popular newspapers, magazines and websites.  


The Daily Mail is one of the most popular newspaper platforms in the world, with a daily reach of over 8 millions adults.

Dr. Aria is regularly invited to provide expert features on the latest scientific research in the fields of mental wellbeing, nutrition, and physical health.



The Times has an international reputation as an integral part of the news landscape in the UK, with a renowned Health section.


In this main feature on stress, Dr. Aria was interviewed to share his expert insights on how to spot the first signs of emotional exhaustion and pull back from the brink of burnout. 



The Guardian has been named the most trusted news-brand in the UK. It has been awarded “newspaper of the year” four times at the annual British Press Awards and reaches more than 23 million adults online each month. 

Dr. Aria was invited to be on a panel of experts to contribute to a practical, science-based guide to mental and physical wellness.  



The Telegraph is one of the UK's most circulated British broadsheet newspapers. 

In a main feature on popular weight loss 

methods, from slimming pills to Weight Watchers, Dr. Aria provides expert commentary on the new generation's attempts to lose weight and why his F.I.T. Method is the key to long-term health.



Woman & Home is the fastest-growing lifestyle brand for women and regularly interviews icons in the entertainment industry, from Kylie Minogue to Dame Helen Mirren. 


Woman & Home asked Dr. Aria how to stop emotional eating in their Health & Wellbeing special feature. 



Balance magazine is one of London’s top free monthly magazines with an estimated readership of 900,000. 

In this science-based article, Dr. Aria outlines a 3-step strategy to harness the power of your mind, manage angry feelings, and become empowered to take more constructive and effective actions.


This iconic weekly magazine brings the latest celebrity and royal news from the UK and around the world. 

Hello! interviewed Dr. Aria to dispel five common weight loss and diet myths. The interview has been watched on Facebook over 13,000 times. Dr. Aria also featured in Hello! magazine regarding how to "Lose Weight Well", in which he discusses the foundation of lasting weight loss. 


Marie Claire is an international monthly magazine and the home of lifestyle advice, news and interviews with the world's biggest celebrities. 

Dr. Aria and Marie Claire teamed up to offer one of their lucky readers the opportunity to have a bespoke short programme tailored to their specific needs.


Women's Health is the go-to destination for the latest advice on health, nutrition, fitness and weight loss, with nearly 2 million website viewers and over 8 million readers globally. 

Dr. Aria exposes the latest short-term weight loss fads and provides expert health tips on how to lose weight for the long-term. 


The top-selling English and French health and wellbeing magazine focuses on supporting women to maximise health at any age and regardless of health history. 

Dr. Aria and Top Sante collaborated to create a 'Find Your Fit' quiz so that you can discover your workout personality and match up your exercise with your temperament! 


Train is a worldwide fitness resource for exercise and nutrition plans, direct from the world's top trainers, professional athletes and A-List movie stars. 

Dr. Aria reveals 12 science-based steps to hack the power of your mind to optimise your strength, power, endurance and sports performance.


Healthy Food Guide is the UK's specialist healthy lifestyle magazine providing meal recipes and expert advice on food and nutrition. 

In their special feature on 'Dealing with Diet Saboteurs', Dr. Aria outlines practical strategies to stay in control of your own eating.