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“I’m an expert in the psychology of behaviour change and long-term health. I believe that everyone is connected by the desire to live a healthy, meaningful and fulfilling life. We’re all trying our best, with work, family and our health. However, sometimes there are parts of our lives that seem to be outside of our control. 

As a clinical psychologist specialising in resilience and mindfulness, I've learnt that our external reality is often a reflection of our internal world. I believe that our minds are the most powerful tool we have to build long-lasting psychological, emotional and physical health. I’ve personally experienced, witnessed, studied and researched the power of the mind to transform lives.

When your mind is in a good place, healthy and effective actions flow more easily and naturally. I'm passionate about empowering people to better understand their own psychology so that they can take back control, improve their health, relationships and career, and enjoy longer, fulfilling lives with the people they love."

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“I take a 360-degree approach to health, working across the areas of mindset, nutrition and exercise. I've developed a science-based method called Focused Insight Training (F.I.T.) from my research at UCL to help people to stay mentally and physically fit for life.

I’ll show you how to take greater command of your mind and change your relationship with yourself, and can support you with an evidence-based approach to multiple aspects of your life.

We’ll apply mindfulness-based and cognitive-behavioural techniques so that you can master the inner game, feel your best and continually move towards your goals.


Together we’ll make long-term shifts in your mindset and empower you with the skills and tools that you need. This will prevent you from falling into old mental and physical habits and allow you to be your best self in all areas of your life.” 

How does Dr. Aria work?


What does Dr. Aria do?

“I coach people with my F.I.T. Method to change the way they use their mind so that they can optimise their mental and physical health and be their very best.

You might be dissatisfied with an aspect of your health. You may feel like you're struggling with your relationships, that you've lost a sense of balance in your life, or that you're stuck with an aspect of your life and want to push the needle and progress to the next level personally and professionally.


Whether it's through face-to-face sessions on mindfulness and long-term health, mental wellness and high performance, you can develop greater awareness, self-insight and the right mindset to finally take control of these areas of your life."

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"Dr. Aria has helped me to live a more balanced, healthier life." 

Natasha Henstridge, Hollywood Actress


"Dr. Aria's holistic approach is about developing a strong and healthy relationship with yourself." 

Daisy Lowe, Fashion Icon

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