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Whether you want to reach the next stage of success in your career or experience more balance, meaning and fulfilment in your life, the key is to master your mind.

If you're feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life, one-on-one coaching with Dr. Aria is a powerful way to develop a more resilient mindset and implement a strategic approach to live your best life. You can learn how to change the unhelpful beliefs, thinking styles and emotional patterns that are holding you back. 

Imagine what you could achieve in your career and personal life with a stronger mind and healthier body...

Dr. Aria works with a range of areas including:​

  • Finding balance

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Feeling discontent and dissatisfied

  • Self-care and self-esteem

  • Intimacy and trust issues

  • Fears and anxieties

  • Self-doubts and Imposter Syndrome

  • Pressure to stay at the top of your game

  • Preparation for an acting role

  • Staying calm during high pressure 

  • Peak performance in sports

  • Managing anger, regret and shame

  • Mental health difficulties

  • Seeking inner peace

  • Embracing your own authenticity

  • Using crutches to fill an internal void

  • Feeling lost or lack of direction

  • Overcoming procrastination

“Dr Aria is an exceptional high-performance psychologist who boasts an excellent understanding of how business owners think and operate. In even one session Dr. Aria can help you to shift your mindset and find effective solutions to the blocks in your life. You can then navigate through times of disruption and uncertainty more easily and wisely, elevate your game and still move towards your goals."  

Hannah Haffield, Managing Director at Make More Noise PR & Marketing

"Leading our zeitgeist into a better, healthier and more mindful future, Dr. Aria is certainly a revolutionist. You feel empowered as step by step you win back the control and self-autonomy of your behavior. With clarity of mind, you're able to better equip yourself with a structure that can manage the fast-paced stresses of everyday life and enable long-term wellbeing." 

Tristan Hills-Bos, Partner at Brunswick Group

"Dr. Aria’s very bespoke, holistic method gets to the route cause and targets how you think and behave, rather than just addressing the individual symptoms in isolation. The combination of his individual style and his unique scientific approach ensure optimal success."

Dr. Nina Griffiths, Director of Operations at Durham University

"you can transform your life
      if you're ready to invest in yourself and start
from the inside out."

Dr. Aria

At the Dr. Aria Group, we understand that your life is busy and your time is precious. Dr. Aria's service is based on efficiency, excellence and convenience. Your coaching can take place within the U.K. and internationally. Consultations are available face-to-face at your venue of choice, including at your work, home, Dr. Aria's Harley Street Clinic and by Skype or telephone. Individual consultations are available and monthly packages start at £1250.

If you're interested in training together, click on the 'Start Now' button below to request a complimentary, no-obligation telephone consultation to see if we're a good fit for each other. I'll ask you about your previous experiences, explore your future goals and can answer any questions you have. I only work with a few select clients at a time so that I can give each person the full dedication that he or she deserves. Every consultation is fully confidential. 

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