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“I’ve seen a big change in many aspects of my life, not just my weight, which has dropped by 25 lbs. The important part of this journey for me was the mindful approach to how I was eating and why I was training. Mindfulness is not something I had come across previously, but Dr Aria spoke about it passionately and I was intrigued. 


As a result of our sessions I’ve become far more aware of what and why I am eating, as opposed to simply rigidly sticking to a diet plan only to see the results reverse as soon as I indulged on a night out. It has proven to be more about moderation and portion control. I now enjoy and savour my food far more than I ever did in my early 20s when I didn’t think about what I ate. I also enjoy regular nights out as part of my new lifestyle. 


Working out has become part of my way of life again rather than a chore. I’ve also picked up some of my old hobbies which has kept things fun. Dr Aria helped me to develop my training with the focus shifting from weight loss to building muscle and toning up. I have new goals now and am excited to be tackling them. From the helpful Instagram posts to the detailed conversations about the latest research on nutrition (I do like to question why he is recommending something!), it is easy to see that Dr Aria genuinely cares about you as a person and wants to see results for you.  


A critical point for me was when I had a bad knee injury when skiing. I couldn’t train and I fell into some bad eating habits, most likely out of self-pity. I had two booster sessions with Dr Aria and he completely turned my mindset around, giving me a new lease of energy and determination. My focus moved from gaining weight and what I couldn't do, to focusing on what was in my control and fat loss through eating well. In the two weeks after our session I lost 7 pounds. I learnt in those two weeks that it was all in my head. The mindful approach follows through in all aspects of your life, long after you’ve achieved your initial goal and even when you hit those unexpected obstacles along the way. Eighteen months on and I’m still going strong. I’ve now got the tools to keep fit and healthy, no matter what life throws at me.”

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